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Movie Review - Dus Kahaniyaan

10 movies - 70 Rs...7 Rs/ movie and only 1:45 min...not a bad bargain at all .. :P

Now keeping this baniya fact aside.....i must say i liked this movie...first of all it was of short duration, there was one story after another..each of them different from the previous one..which never let us take off our eyes from the screen, let alone get bored. And the best part was each story had a message of its own...something which can affect us in our day 2 day lives....i particularly liked 4 stories a lot..

1st is that of Zahir (Manoj Bajpai and Dia Mirza)... Bajpai is an accountant working for past 8 yrs..but s not satisfied with wht he is doing...so he decides to give it all up for his passion -
Writing. He moves to a new place and there .....he meets Dia (her new neighbour) ...both of them get along well and bajpai realises he s falling for her. One day while they r talking bajpai kisses Dia. She gets offended and leaves sayin she wl never see him again. Bajpai, hurt by this, goes to a bar, and there he sees Dia...yes Dia turns out to be a Bar Dancer...He confronts Dia when she reaches her home. Dia tries to say something but Bajpai pushes her inside and forcefully has sex with her..........and leaves after that... Now its two years since that day and Bajpai is in a hospital....Know wht Dia was trying to say that day..that she had AiDS...now Bajpai also has contracted the disease and living the last moments of his life!!!!!!

Second one i liked is Rice Place (Shabana Azmi and Naseerudin Shah)..Shabana is an orthodox Hindu aged lady who considers it as 'dharam brasht' to talk to any Muslim. She s going to her
poti's place by train. At the station she feel very hungry and buys a rice plate from a local dhaba...She keeps her plate and luggage on a table and goes to wash her hands. When she comes back she sees Naseerudeen Shah eating her food. Visibly angered by this, a 'sweet' tussle. Shah gives up and lets her have the food. He also offers her coffee. Then she realises that she has eaten in a plate in which a Muslim was eating too.... Not able to withstand this thought she leaves the place in a hurry (forgetting her luggage at the table)....later she realises this and comes back, only to find out that she had sat at the wrong table and it was Shah's plate indeed. She then realises how wrong she had been to discriminate on the basis of religion. A wonderful learning indeed.

Two other stories i liked are that of Amrita Singh (Poornmashi) and that of Nana Patekar (Gubbare)...infact i liked these two stories so much that i feel i wud do injustice to them if i try to describe them in words...wht these two stories convey cn only b felt.

A wonderful idea...A nice movie

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