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Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Beginning of the END???

Dated: 05/12/07

Joined ofc after a week's vacation and got the long awaited news...something we had not wanted to hear but knew it wud come soon..the 'thing' we wr workin on has 'flopped' big time, and it has been decided to dismember our team :(
We r now being put into different-2 projects, and its disheartening to see the team which i ws so fond of, felt to lucky to be a part of, is going 2 end.
In my 2.5 yrs of work life, its been the best team i hav come across.....the support i got, the confidence i gained in my abilities, the parties and trips we had together, and the many more parties we had planned 4 the coming months...., my GL was so gud, my manager ws the among the coolest persons i hav ever met.........if only we cud get a proper chance to prove our ability at work too it cud hav been the perfect team....but then life main 'perfect things' rarely happen..right!!!!
I too am movin to another project, under a new manager..huh...its really gonna b an interesting year ahead!!!!


autumn said...

"Hey Autumn, I am Mr Anonymous and I am not in Pune.....u can ask me more and I would be most happy to answer :)"

okkkk..mr.anonymous...thot v cud meet up if u hapened to b in pune.anywez..if not in pune, where are u, doin what?and also y did u start off this conversation with autumn......as in, there a lot of other ppl,very regular ppl hu comment on this blog.....y autumn.....?

KP said...

good luck dude with your new project....trust me we r all software coolies...no matter what...we end up doing the same thing......:)

your blog has become interesting i sense Humtum in the makings...by this two....:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Autumn, it has been nice exchanging messages with you, you are a sweet person for sure....this is my last post here, have fun, ciao

autumn said...

i am a sweet person, undoubtedly.but make sure u never drop a msg for me again.this is not my kinda fun.get tht very clear.

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