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A date with History

Dated : 27th Oct '07

I finally went on much awaited date.......a date with history..somehow it got postponed time and again but this weekend i made sure i give my date its due share :)
I went to visit Aga Khan palace....well its not quite a palace....quite small in area and the architecture is nothin exceptional but the best part was the peace and quietness i found there.....it ws so calm there...Here r some facts abt this place...this is the place where Gandhi ji and many other freedom fighters including Kasturba ji were 'jailed' by the British during India's freedom struggle. It is here where Kasturba ji took her last breath....her samadhi is situated here, and this is the place where Gandhiji's ashes have been kept. The place has now been transformed into a museum.
The sad part is rarely anyone in Pune knows abt this place......which is definitely worth a visit..Hope this blog helps!

For more details, visit: http://www.virtualpune.com/html/localguide/attractions/html/aga_khan_palace.shtml

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