Who Am I??

Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


In Delhi On Vacation

Yep...m back in my hometown these days...relishing 'mum-cooked' food and fighting with my sis all day n nite ...lol..
Well my journey from Pune to Delhi (via Mumbai) was certainly a memorable one.....left for Mumbai on Friday evening, reached there by 10. My skool friend had come 2 pick me up, and he took me to undoubtedly the 'yummiest' eating place of Mumbai,.....Urban Tadka...i had the bestest Rajma Chawal there (after the ones cooked by mum ;), i simply cudnt resist the temptation of licking my fingers. Then we Juhu Chaupati (on the way i saw Jalsa..Big B's bungalow).The sea was much calmer than when i had been there two yrs back, and also more dirtier.......bags of plastic got stuck in my feet when i went into the water..ewwwww...Reached back at my friend's place by 1 in the nite..Next day we went to Marine Drive and Gateway of India...n i really impressed by the latter...I got out of taxi and there in front of me was the immensely impressive Gateway of India...and i ws like wow.....it ha such a formidable aura.....Also took some pics in front of the very famous 'The Taj'. Returned back by 3 as i had 2 catch my flight 2 Del......on my way gt a glance of the VT Station... Reached Del at 8 in the nite..caught a AAI bus to CP...from there boarded the Metro
(after 5 months) to my place .Standing at the CP station i felt so nostalgic.....remembering the gud old coll days when we used to catch the Metro to reach our coll, the innumerable get togethers we had at these Metro stations......huh!!
Btw now for the most imp part....it happened while i was coming 2 Mumbai from Pune.....i was sitting in a Volvo, and seat next 2 me s lying vacant and i ws hoping some babe wl come and sit nxt to me ;) and guess wht...it did happen...i mean she ws not very beautiful or sexuy....but there was an innocent charm in her looks, and something i cant put down in words that attracted me to her...i mean i see lots of gals pass by and its normallyyy 'Watch and Forget' kinda affair...but its been two days since i saw her and i am still hoping i wl get a chance to bump into her...is it love...???? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ek baar aisi galti kar li hai...wo kaafi hai :P :P But on a serious note i hope i wl get to meet her once again...Chalo aaj key liye kaafi hai..Gud nite

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Reni said...

"but on a serious note..."...u trying 2 fool all of us or wat?!!ha ha...nice joke...

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