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Dhoom 1 vs Dhoom 2

Yesterday i wasnt feeling well, zukhaam sey haal behaal tha, so i told my ML that i wud leave early..par ghar jaaney ka maan nahi tha, so went to watch Dhoom 2..heheheheh..if my ML reads this, he s going to kill me ;)

Anyways...i found Dhoom 2 to be quite similar to any James Bond Movie..bikes, cars, stunts, babes :) The story ws wht shud i say....ending dekhkey to mujhe ronaa aa gaya....the villain is spaired his life, because he has turned into a gud guy, thanks to his lady love..As Abhishek Bachaan said..kya bakwaas.

Dhoom 1 ws much better, specially the ending..becuase i didnt expect John Abrahim to die, something i ws caught unaware of, and thats wht i like in a movie...... :)

Wellllll....the songs were ok..though i am getting crazy abt the Theme track..whenever i listen to it, i imagine myself dacing on the dance floor :)

I hav been listening to songs from Bas Ek Pal, and the songs are wht i call....zhakaaaaaaaaaaaaass :) Waiting for this movie eagerly

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