Who Am I??

Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


The (in)famous post

This is for alok's ms.anaonymous...i guess this shud give u a clear idea.

Hello..both of u..yes i am sending this mail to alok and bugs both.....i do not intend to act as a mediator, nor do i want any replies to this...i am just saying wht i want..yeah there were other ways too..calling is a lil uneconomic option..specially when people refuse to say anything...its not worth listening to "hmmm..hmmmm...", chat: i am busyy..yes i have buried myself in tons of work (alok if u chk the time, its 12:30 in the nite, and i am not planning 2 go home today either ;) ..so chatting is quite rare, but in case u want to talk to me send me a mail at pushkin_gupta@infosys.com and i wl b online. blogging..its a bit too public, specially when ur blog s read when 100's (alok..thats a compliment)..though i wud b posting this on my blog.....some one asked me 2 explain the meaning of all this.

now..beginning with the CHIEF content ;)
bugs aka autumn aka bhavna sharma.....hmmmmmmm...wht do i say...i guess i knew this.

"this is the little sparrow who has come uninvited to my house. and has stayed on despite being treated with all the unwantedness possible. this is the girl who loves me like love."..all i want to say is..its not necessary that if u love someone that person too has 2 love u..its nt fair, every one has their own requirements but then that shudnt stop u from loving that person.

"somebody hu kills me with each of his words............somebody hu is responsible for my wet cheeks this moment..........somebody hu turned a brave bugs into a scared mouse..........hu gave her the worst moments of her life.......yes i blame adi for my panic attacks..........a fear tht will live with me all my life.........somebody hu'll nt let me forgive myself ever........".....dear bugs..i wud prefer calling u autumn..i know life is difficult, but if u keep punishing urself..it wont help either. Know wht my dad said...he said.."pushkin..from now on u wl decide wht u want 2 b in life, which way u want ur life 2 go...but there s a condition..if u succed..the credit is all yours..but if something goes wrong..u wont blame anybody else but urself"..that ws way back in 10th..know wht..today most of things are going wrong, going haywire...but i cant blame anyone else, though things dont seem 2 b in my control..so i m trying 2 fight it out..trying 2 live, trying 2 enjoy, so i wont hav any regrets.....autumn....when i c the pic, i still cant believe that the one whom i met ws autumn..u hav already caused a great loss 2 ur health..take care of urself...i might not be an important person in ur life, but then do it as a favour 2 me .

"somebody hu's responsible for my growing inferiority complex each time i catch a stolen glimpse of dudo.......she's more beautiful,has the trendiest cell,a steady boyfrend......and wht more...is happy........."..dudo????????????

"adi, a guy........the guy.......yes i chose the wrong man to love.......hu dosent know wht relationships are...hu dosen't respect time,dosen't identify the need of the hour and is day by day moving closer towards a disastrous life.........and i do nt have the guts to guide him in life n one fine day hear him saying......'hu the hell are u to interfere with my life..............."..i guess not..he does know abt relationships...a lot..abt wht he said..............NO COMMENTS

"but with people i love.....iam damn strict......die if u want to.....i don't care......."..WOW..just dont hav words.

"self destruction was never so wonderful ma'm. i dont need anybody's respect. wen i've lost mine. tanha rahi apni hi raah chalega, sayon ko chalna hai to sath chalein.self destruction was never so wonderful ma'm. i dont need anybody's respect. wen i've lost mine. tanha rahi apni hi raah chalega, sayon ko chalna hai to sath chalein.".....sab akeley hain, par kisi key paas fursat nahi, ki kisi aur ka akelapan door kar sakey...everyone is so INDIFFERENT..including me.

hav nothing more 2 say..just that.."destiny is not a matter of chance, its a matter of choice, its not something 2 b waited for, its something 2 b achieved.


P.S: havent read wht i hav written..there might b a lot of errors..pardon me for that.

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