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Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Doorion sey mit jaati hai dosti

I ws feeling very tired, ws sitting in front of the comp but dozing off every now and then, so i went 2 sleep in the dorm..lol(shhhh..please dont tell anyone)..but as i ws going 2 sleep, i ws hit by this thought, yep so much that i almost lost my sleep.I ws wondering ki kya sach main..doorion sey dosti khatam ho jaati hai, and wht baffled me more ws that i cudnt answer this question..in the past one year at infy i hav experienced "extremes"..my last year at college ws quite a forgettable one..our class of 26, was divided into grps, which divided into even smaller grps, followed by animosity, jealousy, backbiting..huh..i ws sure when we left college, that atleast i wudnt b in touch with anyone (as i ws never close to any grp) unless i made some serious effort, which i never did.But 2 my surprise, i ws called up by my college frends, smsed, mailed, and stayed in touch with the rest via chat..when one of my college mates called me up, i ws so shocked that i said to her that i wasnt expecting a call from u,because we never talked much in coll..STUPID ME.. :)But i ws glad i ws proved wrong..really glad.But then the year changed, 2006 arrived and tables turned..One after the other, i hav been losing contacts, and this time i have tried hard, really hard 2 keep in touch. I called, smses, scrapped..4 days, weeks which hav now turned into months but still no replies.......?Shayad doorion sey dosti mit ti nahi, par dhundli zaroor pad jaati hai.

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meet_me said...

hmm.. u know what?? there is a saying - "out of sight is out of mind"....
n i hated to believe it.. coz i thought that how could it ever be true.
after i moved here, i tried hard keeping those precious contacts that i had made ... every possible way i could think of... n m trying still...
but it is like to keep a contact a dual effort is required...n certainly if i don't get a response when i call someone, what do i do? - hope for them to pick up my call, but ultimately i end it coz I can't spend a life waiting for nothing... right??
people move on.. everyone moves on in life - they find it hard to admit it at times... even those who would always need ur shoulder to cry on and couldn't stay far away from u for more than a weekend ... can.
Well m not complaining that they move on... we should n it is a part of life..
M not even complaining.. There possibly is no solution to it...U have to admit those hard facts at one point or other in life..
Neways.. i guess I got too carried away..

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