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An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


Pyaarey Mohan – First Half

Before u start reading this post, I would like u to read the one before it as this is the second part of my story J

Kahan sey shuru karoon, aur kahan khatam karoon..hmmmmm.. let me start with the movie itself.

I wl give an ‘A’ grade, five stars, five nahin 6 stars..lol..not because vivek aur fardeen ki acting was exceptional, or esha , amrita were looking dazzling (amrita was looking veryyyyyy charmingggggggggggggggggggg) but because of the reality it portrayed in the first half.

Vivek and Fardeen are two deaf and blind characters respectively who fall in love with esha and amrita (respectively J) . They end up proposing them, but are refused, leaving them disappointed and me..excited (hey..i m not a sadist..but then this is a bitter truth). Esha and amrita say..they cant love a guy who is deaf/dumb, they want that their guy should be a fit person, able and should be able to look after them properly.. and this is the truth..isnt it…….??

In the end of the movie, fardeen and vivek save the two gals from jaws of death, which makes them ‘think’..”ki jab yeh dono hamarey liye itna sab kar saktey hain, to hum bhi insey pyaar kar hi saktey hain”..

My friend Saurabh says..there is no love, its just circumstances, u don’t love someone, its just that someone fulfills ur requirements and u ‘choose’ to love him (pp says this too).. pyaar vyaar kuch nahin hota hai, kahin yeh ehsaan ka badla hota hai to kahin kuch aur..i don’t agree.

But still I am very much impressed by one of his statements..”Ordinary guys hav to do something extraordinary to make ‘smart, and sensible girls’ fall for them”..wht do u say??

P.S this is for my ms.anonymous..hey ms.....yaar i hope u dont expect me to go 'entirely public' with my life..pino was my name when i used to write on fm..short for Pinochio..as i find its very hard to hide my lies..sabko pata chal jataa hai :(
Abt the names..u cn give me ur contact id and i wl mail them to u..ur wish


adi said...

who else calls u pino except me?
mail me

adi said...

now i know atleast one :)
hello adi, nice blog u've there

ms. anonymous

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