Who Am I??

Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


ThE SiDeS oF FrIeNdShIp

Yesterday ws my friend Adi's birthday..i ws invited 2 his party and the prty ws surely a Debateable One.yeah ..really debatable :)

i wish i ahd my diary but its just 1678 km away from me so i am using the next BESt option.

One of the guests said:"i have found alok is the only other who still tries to maintain friendships...be it one sided and if u feel u hav a
two-sided frendship..u r really lucky"..and This just went straight through my heart.

Sides of a friendship..its a new perspective..i surely never thought this way. And on the top of that i get to know that i m lucky..WOW.
first of all i m nt a believer in luck.Its not that i am arguing against the very fact that luck exists..It surely does..but then if success is 99% hardwork and 1% luck then i believe in putting 101% to counter the -1%luck factor(if any).I hope that explain my college pal prags y i used to put in so much effort.He always said it ws not WORTH it.

now coming back to the center of attraction ;) for me frendship has never had sides..its been a circle.Its not Give and Take and not "FAVOUR BACK" as i gt to know. I care for my frends and i love them. They r my strength and my confidence. If they need me i wl try and help them ( i might nt b able too as had happened, i have no arguments to giv in my favour)..i dont count my favours nor if they do something..i count it as a favour.I call them because i need to keep in touch..to know that they r alright.But wht if they dont call back, they dont ask if i need them, they r not available when i m in desperate need................??DOES THAT MAKE A RELATIONSHIP ONE SIDED.

i feel we need to giv a relation time to understand it than act on impulse..now dont ask me HOW MUCH..4 me its as long as i love them.I dont make frends to break. i AM a CHIPKU..ek baar kisi to phasa liya tp bas wo to GAYA :)

"IF U FEEL luv s slipping from ur hands, dont try to grab it..just let it go..it will Surely come back..BELIEVE ME it wll"

abt the darker side of life (this s in response to a comment) i wl just say.."SUNSET is SUNRISE in another part of the WORLD..so let there BE LIGHT"



shadows said...

baapre! how much can u write !
and im seriousl touched that i made that much of impact on you....hmmm well i agree...u do keep on loving a person whether or not that person reacts that is the magic of love...u just give without asking for it...
but also thats whr i feel ure wrong..... love and friendship has that line between... u do love a friend but u also expect that love back..dont u? atleast to me... thats y i feel its two way... u know in everything. for me its even in getting back the pain,,,,sharing the hurt...
all that and more
i wrote abt this here...(quite a long read)

in love though...u can just love that person..no rhyme or reason...no 'wants' just 'gives'...do i make sense.? maybe not ...but u will agree with me ..wont you?

adi said...

what do u say in 'me n ms. desire's case'?

pls. be clear about the diff.
between love n friendship. and when i said one sided, i meant practically all the ralationships. family, friends and love.

tell me, why does anybody makes friends? family was with you before you realised & love won't let you realise. it is only with friends that we make a concious decision of being friends or not. not everybody is your friend.

now go back and reflect, take any one of your friend, take me, and think about the reason why you let me into your life. ponder upon the question for a while and then reply.

and if i don't reply for ages and if i don't pick your phone ever and if i ain't be a part of your life anymore, just ignore you plainly, kick you out of my mind forever...please do continue to be my friend. i won't know but you'll still be my friend.

if that's what friendship is...

by the way, ms. desire called sachin and asked if i was back in delhi. wonder whether she has forgotten my office no.'s or mail-id's or deleted them by mistake.

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