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Delhi->hyd->Pune, India
An environmental engg turned Software Engg working for a MNC. U cn call me Peenuts..thats what my long lost frend used 2 call me, and its in his memory.


PRAA ji tusi khush kar ditta-Hats Off

Just when i "hating" women for being so hard on themselves and those around them, my mom told me this mindboggling real-life story and i ws like..ab shaadi ho to aisi..this one is a fairy tale come true and quite the one which i wish i wud b able to pull of too ;) (is that too much too ask??)

this story s abt my "next lane" neighbour(NDN)..someone who i felt ws a very simple guy, obeidient and whom my mom said ws an IDEAL son.and wht he did just moved the floor beneath my feet. i was so excited i ws saying.."wah bhaiya wah kya kaam kiya hai..apney to dil khush kar diya..shaadi karo to style main..kya baat hai..hats off"

ok i wont keep u all waiting more..this s wht happened.My NDN met a gal (she s really beautiful) at his frends wedding party.they hv some talks, after that she goes to her hometown and he goes to his workplace but they keep in touch (through phone..and the next time they meet s when they r marrying ;).They fall in love but when they tell it to their parents, everything seems 2 fall off, the girl s locked in her house and the boys parent's arent too supportive either..huh..but the best part s the two decide to go ahead.the girl runs away from home (now this is wht i call a DARE), comes to guy's home and they marry (Court marriage..bless the person who came out with this concept). Then they both go to the guy's parents who r too shocked but i really admire them for accepting bhabhi ji and nt worrying abt wht the world wud say (three cheers 4 them).However the girl's family has cut off from her. As far as i m concerned i wish the DARING couple a happy married life and hope the girls parents wud realise its the 21st century and Unity in Diversity has a meaning..its nt something to brag abt on stage and forget, its something which we shud implement..yes the time s RIPE..all the best



shadows said...

hey nuts(i thought it wud be damn rude to cal u p....specially with the spelling u have fr it)

i guess even my shaadi will have to be like that...except that the running away wud be for my guy! :))
but unfortunately we cant boast coz both our parents did the same...

adi said...

"shadi ka ladoo pino, shadi ka ladoo"

Anonymous said...


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